Vedlikehold EXER Rubber Floor

EXER rubber tiles maintenance guidelines

EXER rubber tiles are super easy to keep clean and maintain. You will be amazed how good
your EXER surfaces will look for years to come with the proper rubber floor maintenance
program and just a little planning.
Regular cleaning of EXER rubber flooring tile typically includes cleaning with a soft-bristled
broom or vacuuming any loose dust, dirt, or debris from the rubber surface when necessary.
Occasional damp mopping of the rubber tiles with a mild soap and water mixture will
promote a long useful life as well as attractive appearance of EXER rubber surfaces. It is important
not to get the flooring too wet as this may have an adverse effect on the adhesive system

Atmospheric exposure of rubber flooring tiles may result in the natural appearance of moos
and algae. To solve this problem it is recommended to use a high pressure water cleaner until
200bar without chemical additives! Attention! The water pressure must not be too high. The
distance of water jet to the surface area should be minimum 30cm and the water
temperature should not be higher than 80°C. This type of cleaning is recommended to be
done once a year.

For heavily soiled surfaces and adherent impurities, you can use water and a scrubber, but
you should use only a mild pad or a soft nylon brush. It is possible to use dilution soapsuds.
Do not let the cleaning solution stay on the rubber floor for long periods. After cleaning, it is
recommended to use water as a rinser.

While removing snow in winter be attentive not to damage the surface by sharp-edged
implements or overweight machinery. The application of commercial, allowed de-icing salt
won’t hurt the coating. Attention! Don’t use solvent based cleansing material. It can damage
the product surface.

Due to their extreme durability and ease of maintenance EXER rubber tiles are a universal
solution for any application!



After installation and before first use of the flooring it should be cleaned.

  1. Mix a bucket of water with concentrated detergent Rapidet or analog alkaline based
    concentrated detergant. The proportion should be 100ml of Rapidet for every 1L of water.
  2. Apply the solution on the floor using a broom with medium strength bristles or a scrubber
  3. Allow the solution to act for a few min without allowing to dry.
  4. Rinse well with clean water and a microfiber mop as many times as necessary to ensure the
    elimination of the coating layer. If it is not done, the surface may be slippery.
  5. Leave the flooring to dry completely.